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Silk, wood

70 x 76.2 x 1.9 cm

A study of a new development using silk carrier rods. By forming strips with the upcycled silk, I can connect these new "yarns" to create woven translucent tapestries. 

This beginning of a new series of works was born out of a reaction to being in a constant wavering state between feeling massive change and elongated stagnancy. Through 2020 and 2021, there has been an immense amount of anxieties from the historic global events that we are facing, and I found myself seeking comfort in the idea that the only consistency I can rely on is the mentality to be flexible and maintaining perspective. The process of weaving these tapestries acted as a form of meditation as I slowly processed the silk carrier rods into strips, then weaved these strips one row at a time to build up a final surface. The tapestry itself is almost weightless and provides a warmth as light passes through the complex web of fibers within each woven strip. The raw silk naturally absorbs light but also has the ability to reflect it depending on the angle of exposure and viewing perspective. This ephemeral pattern created from many individual parts only appears when the variables of light, movement, and space align. 

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