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Repurposed Silk, Steel

A space without any prescribed notion, a catalyst for thought. Through unspoken words, one can rejoice in the ability to find oneself when embracing what is sentimental. Somewhere in the world there is a place that makes you feel whole, seeding a feeling deep within. Maybe it stems from the mind, the gut, or arises in the chest, this violent peace that cannot be intellectualized, only resonated with. To savor these moments is to let oneself go by releasing our ego which cages the spirit.

Formed using silk carrier rods, a byproduct of the silk reeling industry, these 10 free-standing LED silk pillars can be arranged into different configurations for the viewer to walk through. As they navigate through the landscape of light, they may find a flash of light from the shadows, revealing the reflective surface of the resin-filled silk vessels placed on the floor to capturing the illumination as one passes by. 

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