silk, brass, nylon.

223.5 × 294.6 × 284.5 cm

14 silk pendants are suspended in space with brass bells weighted at the bottom of each strand. 

The disk forms are made from silk carrier rods, a byproduct of the silk reeling industry. These silk carrier rods are created from raw silk filaments being caught within reeling machines, and are subsequently cut and removed. These rods are then laboriously processed to create new forms. The rods are first washed and soaked in water, then manually peeled apart into layers while removing impurities. The strips are then dried and pressed to maintain the integrity of each strip, and then are molded into sculptural forms. 

Silk as a material has the appearance of being fragile, yet it’s properties are resilient and strong. Paths explores themes of time and perseverance as an interactive installation, inviting viewers to weave through the strands of delicately hung silk, acting as both barrier and guide. Before entering Paths, each disk is static, symbolizing potential and the unknown. Once entered, the imperceivable wind from our physical movement is captured within the cups of silk which cause the pendants to sway and chime as the participant interacts with the installation. With sight and sound this installation creates a map of the active path one took, revealing the individual’s impact in the space. 

Shown at the "Landscapes of Gaia" exhibition at Sage Culture Gallery in Los Angeles. 

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